Ikuro Teshima

The original gospel is not a Christian sect. It is the spiritual source, from which we receive Jesus Christ’s religious essence. It is a spiritual tradition of directly following and learning from the original Jesus portrayed in the Gospels; through the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ, a soul is reborn and one begins to live and walk with the living Christ.

If a Christian denomination lacks the original gospel and its believers and preachers have no intention of attaining the original gospel, regardless of its name it can no longer be called Christianity in its essence. This is because they deny a belief in the Gospels and the Acts, the core of the New Testament.

The original gospel is the essence of Christianity—the manifestation of Christ’s life. It is the alpha and the omega of Christianity. It is sufficient for one to adhere to the original gospel through the entirety of his life of faith. If Christianity is deprived of the original gospel, it is as good as dead.

There are various denominations of Christianity. As long as they point at the original gospel to any extent, we should respect one another for maintaining the stream of Christ’s life. Therefore we maintain mutual fellowship, rising above differences of denominations.

The aim of religion is not to intellectually observe solemn ceremonies or doctrines that have been handed down. Instead, its purpose is for each individual to attain a spiritual conversion. A conversion is not merely moral repentance, but the transformation of one’s old nature. A soul once wandering in darkness now rejoices in spiritual light. Through this experience of rebirth and sanctification of the soul, one’s heart glows, love wells up, goodwill arises, and miraculous abilities are endowed.

To become a Christian is not to externally confess Christian creeds or beliefs. It is to internally possess the life of the Holy Spirit, the blood of Christ, and to live in the kingdom of God. Aren’t these aspects forgotten in today’s Christian ministry?