We call our group “Original Gospel” or “Makuya.” The term “makuya” is a Japanese word for a tent, or the holy tabernacle in the biblical sense—that is, “the tabernacle of meeting” (NKJV, Exodus 29:42) where God met with man.

As shown by “tabernacle,” we are not concerned with the establishment of places of worship or religious institutions. Rather, we emphasize a personal encounter with the living God wherever we may be in everyday life. In this sense, we sympathize with the Non-church type of faith proclaimed by Kanzo Uchimura.

The religious movement of Makuya started in Japan in 1948 with a devout Christian, Ikuro Teshima (1910-1973). He sought to restore Japan from its devastation after World War II. Through a face-to-face encounter with God, Teshima started his independent ministry.

Just as Teshima aimed, so we aim to revive the dynamic faith of the Early Christianity.