We call our group “Original Gospel” or “Makuya.” The term “makuya” is a Japanese word for a tent, or the holy tabernacle in the biblical sense—that is, “the tabernacle of meeting” (NKJV, Exodus 29:42) where God met with man.

As shown by “tabernacle,” we are not concerned with the establishment of places of worship or religious institutions. Rather, we emphasize a personal encounter with the living God wherever we may be in everyday life. In this sense, we sympathize with the Non-Church type of faith proclaimed by Kanzo Uchimura.

The religious movement of Makuya started in Japan in 1948 with a devout Christian, Ikuro Teshima(1910-1973). He sought to restore Japan from its devastation after World War II. Through a face-to-face encounter with God, Teshima started his independent ministry.

Just as Teshima wished, we continue to aim at reviving the dynamic faith, the original gospel of Early Christianity. During his lifetime and since his death, Makuya has spread throughout Japan and the world.