Ikuro Teshima

A Prayer that Suits the Realm of God

Now, what sort of prayer reaches the throne of God? If a prayer is unsuitable for the kingdom of God, He is not pleased. We had better not pray such a prayer.

The realm of God is inexhaustibly prosperous; it is far from scanty, and all are content there. If our living environment is scanty, poor or distressing, it does not suit the will of God. So, we should pray to God to turn our life into prosperous and fulfilling one. Then, He will be delighted.

Furthermore, where God dwells is the realm of peace and love. If we pray, "Dear God, I hate him so much that I cannot hate him enough. Please do something about him," our prayer will never reach the realm of God whose nature is love, goodwill, and peace. Also, angels will not help those who pray with hatred since grudge, hatred, and greed are completely different from their characteristics.

Angels would turn their faces away from such a prayer of grudge and hatred, saying, "What a bad odor we are smelling! Who is praying? Oh, that person." However, when angels observe a mother crying and grieving over her child, or crying from her poverty, they prepare themselves to save her and help her.

A wistful prayer offered in a fearing and scaring attitude does not suit angels' hearts. As heaven is prosperous, we too want to be prosperous, freeing from poverty. As angels are bright, we too want to be bright. As angels are full of light, we too want to be filled with light. In this way, we should first make a wish which will please angels. If we pray for something which will delight God or reveal His glory through our presence, the prayer will be answered.

A Rational Prayer Fails to Reach Heaven

Why are prayers of certain people not answered? A rational prayer does not reach heaven. One can reason any way he likes, but a thought-up reasoning does not shake heaven. If anything, one's emotional complexity is more important. The mood and expression of one's heart are reflected in his emotion. A prayer's emotion is valued in God's realm since his emotion is an honest outburst of his heart.

One tends to explain things rationally, according to his reason. However, one's rational explanation becomes his excuse, and it is unnecessary before God! It will rather make angels distrust him. Therefore, we must be more obedient to our emotions.

When God's people in Egypt were suffering from the heavy labor under the slavery condition, their groaning went up to heaven. Without bearing to hear their grievous cries, God extended the hands of salvation, calling to Moses: "Moses, I will send you to Egypt." If we are groaning, grieving, or suffering from our present lives, we should pray to God; our sincere prayer without reasoning will reach Him. However, grief from grudge or greed will not reach heaven. It will attract such spirits that hover about in hell.

Jesus Christ had so much trust in Peter that He said, "(Peter, on this rock) I will build My church" (Matthew 16:18 NKJV). Soon after, however, Jesus severely scolded Peter, "Get behind Me, Satan" (Matthew 16:23 NKJV). One's heart reflects not only heaven but also hell. When one's heart changes to be filled with the Spirit of God, hell in his heart also changes into heaven. Here is a reason why we must thoroughly repent and turn the direction of our hearts toward heaven. If we bring the heart of hell into our prayer, angels will get confused. We would like to offer an obedient prayer, the prayer of emotion so that angels will help us as if they have waited for this moment.

When we deeply think about something, we should leave from our present self. John the Baptis prayed in the wilderness. The wilderness is an excellent place for us to look into eternity. The environment like desert is a very appropriate place for us to see the invisible. The condition for a good prayer is to put oneself in a lonely place and pray in solitude.

In order to deeply pray, let us choose a place like wilderness and pray with our eyes fixed on heaven, as if seeing the invisible spirit. Without leaving from our self, the realm of religion and the realm of prayer will not be easily revealed to us.


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