Ikuro Teshima

To pray is to turn our soul into the depth of the spiritual world of eternity. True prayer is not asking God for something, but praying toward the original world of spirit and touching the spirit of invisible God: this is a prayer. It is important to pray toward the spiritual world and draw something from there. We should pour out our soul into the spiritual world which is endlessly free and full of joy, peace, power, wealth, and all.

Some people complain that their prayers are not answered, or they are not blessed at all, no matter how much they pray. Why are some prayers responded and others not? We need to review our own prayer now.

Pray Intensively for Crucial Issues

Do not pray for trivial things, but instead pray for crucial issues. The important thing is to pray to the Lord for our urgent problems. Because many people aimlessly pray, their prayers are not answered. When we pray for our serious problems at the present, for our lifelong wishes, or for something which might cause a deadlock without the help of God's power, such prayers will be answered.

In churches you may sometimes hear a worship leader praying before a service: "It is already late, but there are very few people assembled today. Dear Lord, may You urge those who are wavering about to make a quick decision to attend the service, and hasten the steps of those who are on the way to church."

Also, I find a grace which some people say at each meal very funny. "Dear God, I thank You for preparing such a wonderful meal for us." So far, I feel it's all right. Yet, when the prayer goes on referring to food, I feel it's absurd. Even if we pray for an important matter mixed with meaningless things, our prayer will never be answered. If we truly believe in God, we would not offer such a prayer.

We must pray for crucial issues with our full trust in God. We should wholeheartedly pray for something which will never come to pass, unless a miracle occurs, or God's help intercedes. If we persistently continue to pray for an important matter by making a vow, or even stepping ohyakudo, it will be answered. Then, we will be sure that God is alive. Do not pray for trifling things and easily achievable things.

Prayer offered with a scattered mind is not heard. We should concentrate on the subject, otherwise, our prayer will not reach heaven; it will not shake heaven. Let us pray a prayer which will shake the heavens.

Ohyakudo: Ohyakudo is a form of prayer which people practice in Japan. The word literally means "one hundred (hyaku) times (do)." When one has an urgent problem, he pays a visit to shrine or temple; in the site, he walks up and down one hundred times with an earnest prayer for resolution of his problem. Visiting a certain religious place one hundred times with a wish or a sincere prayer is also called ohyakudo.


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