Ikuro Teshima

One's inner spirit sprouts through prayer and meditation. The sprouting of spirituality represents the growth of love. Love does not grow without the growth of the self. The self does not grow without facing God's love.

By no means does love mean to kill one's soul. So long as love is a deep emotion welling up from one's inner being, how can he who is cruel to himself have the strength of love and afford to love others?

It is said: "Love is to kill oneself for the sake of others." However, its meaning should not be misinterpreted. Although these words mean to discard one's outer self, they never mean to kill one's inner self. We should cherish and foster our inner divinity (inner Christ) with all our might.

Unless light is given to the soul, the soul dies. Nothing is more sinful before God than to kill one's soul. Without the revival of the true self, one cannot have sufficient power to love others. According to one's spiritual growth, love increases. Faith and love are inseparable.

Let us inspire our souls during the morning meditation: "O my soul, love and cherish yourself!"