Lecture by Ikuro Teshima

Embraced by the Living Christ

According to chapter three of the epistle to the Philippians, the apostle Paul left behind all valuable things, including his status, education, and even his previous religion, because he came to know Christ. He said, "Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, …

Prayers for South America

The Time of Harvest is Nearing

Today we are holding a Makuya Pentecost meeting in Maringa, Brazil. I am glad to see new buds sprouting now in South America Makuya. …

Aiming for the Eternal Realm

I praise the precious name of the resurrected Jesus Christ! I thank God for calling and guiding each one of us to this Easter meeting. Though Jesus Christ was crucified two thousand years ago, His Spirit still lives and comes to us today to pour His life on us.

A Group of the Holy Spirit in Maringa

Maringa is located about 400 miles east of Sao Paulo. It is a beautiful city with large parks at its center. All the streets are lined with trees, so the city is green and vibrant. The large trees in the forest remind us of the arduous work of the first settlers, who cleared the jungle and established coffee plantations.

What I Found in Paraguay

At the holy convocation in Myoko, those of us from Paraguay and Mexico held a separate prayer meeting in Spanish. Everyone was really happy. In Paraguay we had conducted Sunday meetings in Japanese until then; so when I testified, I was surprised that Spanish poured out of me. …

My Spiritual Awakening

I was born to Tetsuo and Noriko Takami, who lived the Original Gospel faith. My father lived a lonely childhood until he experienced a spiritual conversion in his youth that changed his life to a blissful one. Before marrying my mother, he worked and learned the Original Gospel faith at the Bible Seminary of Prof. Ikuro Teshima in Tokyo.


Dawn of Maringa

Original Gospel Holy Convocation in Myoko

The holy convocation of the Original Gospel movement was held July 25-27, 2014, in Myoko, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, with over 3,500 people in attendance. The fire of Christ was cast upon the participants through prayer meetings over the three days. …

For the Redemption of My People

I was born as the son of a hereditary chief of the Cree Tribe, on our reservation in Alberta, Canada. When I was in my twenties, Mr. Minoru Sumimoto came from Vancouver to my town to provide medical treatment for my mother. …

Our Mission Is to Spread the Light

Israel has undergone many wars through history. When we are in the midst of wars we are inclined to think only of the present: missiles flying, soldiers wounded and dying, and so forth. But those who believe in God and know that He is guiding His divine history know that the present is only a part of that history. …

A Child's Story

My Two Prayers

I am seven years old and live in Lethbridge, Canada. Last summer I went on a vaca-tion to Japan with my family. My two little sisters and I got excited as we rode the airplane together. It was my first trip to Japan in three years. The best thing about Japan was seeing a real live rhinoceros beetle! …