Lectures by Ikuro Teshima

The Living Christ

Christ is not a mere historical figure of two thousand years ago. Nor is He simply the Messiah who is to come again in the last days. He is the spiritual personality who dwells among us even now as the Holy Spirit; He lives with us, rejoices with us, and is concerned about us as our Comforter. …

The Stained Genealogy of Jesus

December 25, Christmas Day, is approaching. As you know, Christmas is a worldwide holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The New Testament describes in detail the genealogy of Jesus Christ at the very beginning of the book of Matthew. More than forty names are listed in this genealogy…

An Eagle Leaving the Nest

When graduation season comes, many young people leave school and enter the real world. At the start of a new phase of life, those with faith must begin with an attitude very different from others…


Scenes from the Holy Land


Despair Can Turn to Blessings

Without knowing anything about my disease, I married at age nineteen and at twenty-one I was pregnant with my second child. My blood was tested at a Christian hospital, and the results came back positive for syphilis. Yet I had done nothing wrong. The doctor told me, “Call your husband to be tested as well.”

Until My Last Breath

In January 2012, when I visited Lone Pine, California, I saw a double rainbow. I thought, "Oh, something good is going to happen this year!" …

Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls into the Ground

My older brother, Takeshi Yabiku (1946–1969), was drafted during the Vietnam War and was deployed to Vietnam from 1968 to 1969. This photo was taken in Vietnam, probably in December of 1968. …

Reflections of Israel

I'm a Caucasian American jazz musician. I am seventy-five years old and married to Yuka, a Japanese woman who introduced me to Makuya six years ago. I belong to the New England Makuya, a small ecclesia, or prayer group. …


My Expectation of the Original Gospel Movement

Dr. Yukio Moriguchi is a professor in the medical department of the graduate school of Southern Rio Grande Roman Catholic University. Formerly a professor of Seisen Women's College in Tokyo, Dr. Moriguchi also served the Roman pope as his medical advisor. Former editor in chief of Light of Life, Shin Nagahara, visited him for an interview and heard his life story.

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