Ikuro Teshima

Living Under the Reign of the Holy Spirit

A boat floating on a river can go in any direction. The easiest way, however, is going in the direction the river flows. When the boat goes only in that direction, it can proceed easily and rapidly and will finally reach a large lake or an ocean.

Likewise, you have a blessed life or a wonderful life, when living under the spiritual reign of God, who is much greater than you. So if you discover a great current of the Holy Spirit, yield yourself to the current and go along as it leads you. Here is a key to receive blessings.

By faith, you do not handle your fate according to your thoughts. Faith enables you to firmly feel a strong power, the law which is greater, deeper, and stronger than you, working in the innermost of your soul. Once you find yourself led to a certain direction, let yourself be carried.

Concerning a certain man, I sometimes wonder, "Though he is bestowed with such an affluent nature and an excellent quality, why isn't he blessed?" He makes his best efforts, but does not perceive something greater than himself reigning over him; even if he realizes it, he tries to walk only by his own power, saying, "After all, I cannot change anything." Therefore, he does not partake in blessings.

When one walks by himself, he goes against the great current in many instances. While going against the current, he ends up living by stirring up bubbles, generating only ripples of unhappiness around him, and making frictions.

The more you struggle in an entanglement of life, the worse the situation gets. Those who adhere to themselves cannot see a great destiny awaiting and love surrounding them, let alone capture them. On the contrary, if you come in contact with a law greater than yourself, or a spiritual flow, and are attracted to it, you can get out of an inescapable predicament.

Riding on the Tide of Blessings

God calls you from within, not from without. If you positively respond to His call, He will freely let you flow in the current of blessings and abundantly bless you.

To those who are riding on the great tide of God's grace, things tangible or intangible will surge one after another with blessings. However, you need courage to live by such grace of God. You have to have courage to start on a journey into an unknown world which is shown to you. To do this, you must first realize that you are enveloped in the law of great blessings. Then even while you are walking, God will whisper into your hearts, "Do this! Do that!" As you follow the voice, you will find your destiny unfolding.

Another important thing is that once you realize something is God's will, you have to make every effort to proceed straight toward His will. There are steep hills and cliff paths in life. Even so, you should believe only in the will of God and continue to live, saying, "Even if others betray me and the world rebels against me, I will go." Then you will finally realize that you are in the great tide of blessings and surrounded by it. Remember that you should not live, relying upon your own petty scheme at difficult times.

Within ourselves we have a beautiful heart, which corresponds to beautiful things. People in the world cling to trivial materials and yearn for worthless things. On the other hand, we should follow only the angelic heart which begins to thrive in us. Then we can easily live, and a blessed life begins. And we will start to say, "I haven't done it. Even though I have done nothing, I've been blessed. Why am I so fortunate? I can never appreciate it enough."

Joy to the world! The Lord is come;
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing,
And heaven, and heaven and nature sing.
Hymn "Joy to the World"


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