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Rabbi Binyamin Lau


Rabbi Binyamin Lau is a spiritual leader of the Center for Judaism and Society, and the rabbi at Ramban Synagogue in Jerusalem. He has authored many books on the Bible and Judaism and teaches regularly on Israeli TV and through newspapers.

He intended to attend the 2014 Original Gospel holy convocation in Myoko, but a war broke out in Gaza just before his departure. He remained in Israel in order to encourage and console the people of Israel, especially the soldiers and their families.

In his place, he sent a video message for the convocation. The following is an excerpt.

The People of Israel Are Alive

Israel has undergone many wars through history. When we are in the midst of wars we are inclined to think only of the present: missiles flying, soldiers wounded and dying, and so forth. But those who believe in God and know that He is guiding His divine history know that the present is only a part of that history.

The people of Israel have experienced the Diaspora. We lost our homeland nearly two thousand years ago and were scattered all over the world. One hundred years ago, however, the movement Return to Zion began and the Jewish people started returning to their homeland, Israel. They heard the voice of God as described in the Song of Solomon:

“Hear my beloved is knocking at the door”
Song of Solomon 5:2

The Jewish people slowly began to return to Zion. Families returned, settlements and kibbutzim were made, and villages and towns were built. Then the State of Israel was established. The Jewish people faced the crisis of total annihilation (the Holocaust in Europe), so the establishment of the State of Israel proved that the people of Israel were alive in their land of Israel.

Just at the same time, in May 1948, God chose a man in Japan named Abraham Ikuro Teshima and gave him a light of inspiration that the establishment of the State of Israel is a realization of biblical prophecy. Then the Makuya movement began to walk with the people of Israel to carry out the divine history together.

Your prayers are the blessings of life to all the Jewish people, the blessings of peace to the land of Israel. The prayers of Makuya and Israel together will bring restoration and healing to the entire world.


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