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The Best Friends of Israel

From the address to the 64th Makuya Pilgrimage, March 2015

Reuven Rivlin
The State of Israel


First of all, welcome to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, to the capital of all believers!

Israel and the Jewish people have a lot of friends all over the world, but the best friends we have are the Makuya. That is because your relationship with Israel, your intention for Israel, and your love for Israel are unconditional.

I have met all the Makuya people who have come to visit Jerusalem through the years from twenty years ago. “Hevenu Shalom Aleichem (We Have Brought You Peace)” became a Makuya song more than an Israeli song. In Israel we used to sing our songs from the bottom of our hearts; you are doing it better!

We know now the relationship between our two people. Israel has a lot of problems. Not everyone accepts the idea of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. Unfortunately, leaders around the world believe that Israel should not exist. We know that we have to protect ourselves and to keep our eyes on those who are suspecting our very existence.

We know very well that we can relate to our friends all over the world, but we know better that our existence depends on us. We believe that the Zionist movement which brought about the redemption of the Jewish state is moral, more than anything else, more than all of the morality of the world. But when we get encouragement from your people, Makuya, we know that we have friends who love us.

According to the Bible, there were ten tribes of Jews who left us about three thousand years ago. We don’t know if you are one of the tribes or we are one of the tribes of Makuya.
We have a wonderful group, you, the Makuya. Your love for Israel depends on nothing. Your love does not depend on interests but comes from your hearts, so we also love you.

We receive many delegates of various countries in Jerusalem, but every year, I look forward to the day when a delegation of Makuya, a group of pilgrimage arrives here and sings our songs from the bottom of their hearts.


President Rivlin with the Makuya pilgrims. (March 2015)

President Rivlin with the Makuya pilgrims. (March 2015)

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