Isao Numata, his wife Yukiko, and their children, in Brazil

Isao Numata (1936-1995)

Today we are holding a Makuya Pentecost meeting in Maringá, Brazil. I am glad to see new buds sprouting now in South America Makuya.

Maringá is situated halfway between São Paulo and Asunción, Paraguay. While riding a bus all the way from São Paulo, I felt Maringá was very far. But all of you drove over 400 miles to attend this Pentecost meeting. I thank God for your earnest faith that thirsts for Christ's life above all else.

Prof. Ikuro Teshima prophesied in 1950: "A day will come when humans will perish by their own wrongdoings. But a small number of people will miraculously survive. The remnants will behold a rainbow glowing over the Andes and the Pacific Ocean.” Several months later, the powerful Holy Spirit was poured upon sixty people during the biblical convocation in Aso, Japan.

Meditating on these words, I believe that thirty or forty years from now a holy convocation of the original gospel will be held at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Today, I feel the sprout of faith that will realize this prophecy.

(From his last meeting in South America, November 10, 1991)