Motohiro Fujii: Mr. Myung Nam Kim, a Korean who lives in Canada, visited Japan with his wife Cecilia to learn the original gospel faith. They stayed at Makuya branches in Nagasaki, Kumamoto, and Tokyo for three months. I interviewed Mr. Kim in Tokyo, who told me how he got in touch with the original gospel faith and how he feels about it.

* * *

Fujii: The first question I'd like to ask you is how you came to know Makuya.

Myung Nam Kim: I got to know Makuya through the Light of Life magazine; I found it at a Japanese grocery store in Vancouver, Canada. When I was leaving the store after shopping, I found several free magazines placed at the exit. Among them, a magazine with a title written in Japanese calligraphy " (Light of Life)" caught my eye. I thought, "It looks interesting. What kind of book is this?" and brought it home. It was ten years ago.

Kim with his wife, Cecilia

I could not read Japanese at that time, so I left the magazine unopened for a while. But one day, I opened it to read. Koreans of my generation can still read kanji (Chinese characters). So I attempted to read Professor Teshima's lecture on the first page by picking up only the Chinese characters. I was able to understand more than half of the page. Then I felt as if I had been hit by a thunderbolt and realized, "Oh, this is the true Christianity!"

To tell the truth, I had questions about religion since I was a university student. I went to churches and temples, and also read books about religion. And I noticed that both Buddhists and Christians had made barriers and that they regarded other religions or denominations as enemies. They sometimes call others heresy, or even cause wars against different religions.

Yet, when I read Light of Life, I felt the essence of religion was shown there instead of narrow-minded religious views. So my questions were immediately solved. Since then, I have had a desire to learn the original gospel faith.

Discovering the Path to Follow

Fujii: Having had such thoughts, how have you led your life up to now?

Kim: After graduating from university, I worked as a history teacher for a while. And then, I worked for a large company that was engaged in various kinds of businesses such as school management, hotel management, and construction work. I once served as managing director of the business unit of the company.

In the 1970s, many company employees worked very hard in South Korea; they went to work early in the morning and came home late at night, looking up at the stars in the sky. So did I in those days. After working at the company for thirty years, I was engaged in the clothing trade in the U.S. for some time.

After my retirement, my family moved to Vancouver; my eldest son was working as a public servant for the provincial government there. This is the place where I encountered Light of Life. The encounter was so decisive that it made me firmly believe: "This is the path I should follow until my life ends!" Without this encounter, I would have ended up my life while vainly spending the old age as I liked.

The Place Where Love Abides

Fujii: What was your impression of Vancouver Makuya when you first visited there?

Kim: I found the address and the phone number of Vancouver Makuya on the last page of Light of Life, and immediately dialed the number. When I asked, "May I visit you?" the person on the line kindly answered, "Welcome!" The voice over the phone sounded like an angel.

When I first attended a Makuya meeting, I felt love filling the place beyond verbal explanations of religion or faith. Today, people are so busy that they focus on their own business and indifferent to others. In Vancouver Makuya, however, I felt indescribable love from each one of twenty or so members.

I was gradually drawn into the love before I knew it. At first I encountered many unfamiliar things in Makuya, but one thing was very clear to me: love abides there.

Normally I feel tense when visiting a stranger in the U.S. or in Canada as people there seem watchful. But I didn't feel any tension in the atmosphere of Vancouver Makuya. They were one hundred percent open. For the first time, I felt, "This is what love is like," though I had attended church for a long time.

After that, the more I pray in Makuya, the happier I become. While looking up to God and praying with my eyes meeting His, tears naturally flow from my eyes. I feel how happy I am to think that God guided me to Makuya, and my heart overflows with gratitude.

The Most Powerful Is the Love of the Holy Spirit

Fujii: How has your life changed since you started to attend Makuya meetings?

Kim: What has changed most is my relationship with my wife and children. I used to make them obey me ninety percent as I wanted. Such an attitude was rather customary in the time and environment in which I was brought up. I would behave in the same manner to my staff in the company as well.

At home I would think that I was the most powerful and right. So I constantly had trouble with my sons. I do not know how much trouble I gave to my wife, though she always followed me without complaining.

After touching on the Makuya faith, I became able to accept various thoughts of my family members. Until then, I had thought that only I was right, and I was happy in that way. Yet, I realized that this was not true happiness.

I myself was bound and enslaved by the thought that I was right. That was my ego, and I could not solve the issue of the ego by myself. While touching the life of God and leading a life with the love of the Holy Spirit, my heart has gradually changed. Now I am released to be free. Once I became free, our home atmosphere has completely changed.

The love and joy of the Holy Spirit may seem to be something weak to the eyes of others. But they are very powerful since they have changed a person like me. I clearly understand the love of the Holy Spirit is the most powerful in the world.

Somehow, aspiration to go to Makuya wells up in me. There exists the love of the Holy Spirit, and so I go to Makuya every Sunday. Once I get there, I can be bathed in the joyful atmosphere of love.

* * *

Fujii: Mr. Kim said that he was learning Japanese through reading Light of Life. He answered my questions in good Japanese, so I could hardly believe he started learning it in his later years. Perhaps, his thirst for life and fervent desire to obtain true faith enables him to make such an effort. However, I think it is with his soul more than through words that Mr. Kim appreciates the love of the Holy Spirit.