Sundar Singh

Sundar Singh was born into a wealthy Sikh family in the village of Rampur, state of Punjab in northern India.

He lost his mother and elder brother, successively, when he was fourteen years old. His heartache was very deep, so he thoroughly read sacred scriptures of India and earnestly asked for teachings from religionists to ease his pain. At the same time, he was very rebellious toward Christianity.

One day, he decided, if he was unable to meet god, that he would throw himself on a train track. Having this conviction in his heart, he prayed throughout the night; then, to his surprise, Jesus Christ appeared to him in his prayer.

Jesus spoke to him, "Why do you persecute Me? On behalf of you and the whole world, I died on the cross." Through this experience, Singh determined to become Christ's disciple. Upon learning of Singh's intention, his father and relatives began persecuting him and expelled him from their family.

Singh, wearing a garment of a Sadhu [Indian mendicant monk], preached the gospel with only a Bible and a blanket. Although his life was often in danger due to harsh oppression, he continued to spread the gospel with miracles and signs just as depicted in the Bible. He went as far as Tibet, passing over the Himalayas.

As Singh's name became widely known, he received invitations from all around the world to lecture. One day, however, he set out for Tibet, the most difficult place to convey Christianity, and he was never heard from again. He was thirty-nine years old.