The holy convocation of the Original Gospel movement was held July 25-27, 2014, in Myoko, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, with over 3,500 people in attendance. The fire of Christ was cast upon the participants through prayer meetings over the three days.

The gathering was truly memorable: Some two hundred people from fifteen countries came to Japan to participate, and the youth were overwhelmed with joy in the Holy Spirit. The young people led one of the meetings with songs, dances, and ardent prayers.


The harmonious praises in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese were absorbed into the heavens. Mexicans, the First Nations of Canada, and the Amis tribe from Taiwan, along with fellow brothers and sisters from across the world and Japan, rejoiced as members of the Lord's family. The following pages carry the testimony of Mr. Al Wolfe from the Cree tribe of Canada and a message from Rabbi Binyamin Lau of Jerusalem addressed to the participants of the holy convocation.