Shigekatsu Urata
Kumamoto, Japan


When I was a long-distance truck driver in Japan, I was addicted to gambling such as horse racing. Worrying about my indulgence, my mother told me to come home.

Upon returning home, I took care of 500 hogs at my brother's pig farm. Although piglets were cute, once they grew up, they became unbearable. When the bulky hogs lay down in the pigpen, I couldn't do the cleaning and kicked them away. Then they became so angry that they dashed toward me, and knocked me down over their stools. I became furious and hit them with a shovel and fork. Because of this, all the hogs snorted and rammed at me whenever I entered the pen.

During the hotter seasons, foul smell filled the hog house. I became stressed, lost my weight down to about 100 lbs, and hardly slept at night. Finally, I suffered from a stomach ulcer. Having no hope for the future, I attempted suicide in despair. At that time, I met Mr. Kyuya Sakai, a bakery owner in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture.